Signs at a baby shower

Found this one on Tumblr and had to share :)

Aries: Their idea to throw you the baby shower but asked Virgo to plan it, shows up late with strippers

Taurus: Spends the day boasting about how their gift to you was better than the other signs and brings dessert from home to share at the shower

Gemini: Gives you potential names for your future baby and all the suggestions are variations of their own name

Cancer: Rubs your belly while terrifying you by mentioning all the difficulties of parenthood

Leo: Buys you fashionable revealing maternity clothes so you can be a hot mama

Virgo: Plans the baby shower in immaculate detail, gives goody bags with little origami prams and thank you for attending cards

Libra: Makes the cake and helps Virgo with all the cute baby decorations

Scorpio: Gets way too competitive while playing the baby games Virgo organised

Sagittarius: Prints off a prediction of what your baby will look like from one of those websites that combines your face and the dad’s faces together as their gift

Capricorn: Competes against Scorpio, not to win, but for the vouchers which are prizes

Aquarius: Photographs the event with their Polaroid and snapchats Scorpio getting upset over losing ‘pin the nose on the baby’

Pisces: Makes sure you’re comfortable and well fed and gets paranoid your water’s going to break every 2 minutes


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